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The farm store is now OPEN!!  Even with all the business reopenings, we are still taking precautions in order to maintain our health and yours.  We are limiting how many people are in the store at one time- no more than 8 customers at a time. We have hand sanitizer for customers to use, and while the free range children's section is currently closed we have the minions set up there to sanitize baskets as you use them and help you carry purchases out to your car! 

We are currently open Saturdays 10am - 4pm, but we are looking to expand these hours once I can find some help for the farm and the baking. 

Each Friday afternoon I will post photos, videos, and a price list of the week's bakery offerings on our Facebook page.  Our signature cinnamon rolls are usually the first to go, so come early for those! Our regular menu includes the cinnamon rolls, beer bread, cheddar jalapeno beer bread, traditional white loaf, and our NEW delicious cinnamon banana loaf.  We also have our locally famous Paint Your Own (PYO) cookies, although the designs change weekly.  We will also have weekly Decorate It Yourself (DIY) cookie kits, muffins, cupcakes, yummy drop cookies, and so much more!

Pair one of our granolas with jam- they go great with yogurt or even as ice cream toppers. Many customers use some of the jams as glazes for pork, chicken, or even on fish tacos! We have mustards, salsas, spicy giardiniera, and several BBQ sauces. 

Our DIY elderberry syrup kits are user friendly and simple to make. They come with instructions and everything you need to make your own syrup at home- including the jar to keep it in! We have a how-to video on our FB page walking you through the process. 

And of course, check out our meat department! We have grass fed beef, pastured pork and chicken, and free range eggs. We believe wholly in the nose-to-tail meat movement and as such you won't find unlimited amounts of certain cuts like briskets, steaks, flanks, etc. We sell oxtails, beef and pork bones for braising and making delicious bone broth, and other cuts you may not see at conventional stores. Once we have sold most of the meat from one animal, we will be able to restock with another. 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND- as more and more major US processors are being shut down due to COVID19 outbreaks among employees, small local processors are picking up the slack and as such are backed up as well. Many are scheduling as far out as a year from now. While I realize this may be an inconvenience to customers, please remember that we are a small farm and do the best we can to ensure a quality product and welfare for our animals while at the same time providing an enjoyable shopping experience for our customers. We currently have pork in the freezer and have another hog scheduled for processing at the end of July. We are expecting  more grassfed beef in the upcoming two weeks, and whole pastured chickens at the end of June. 

We are all in uncharted waters here, but the minions and I are doing everything we can to maintain health and welfare standards while simultaneously bringing our fun, healthy, and delicious foods to Comanche!

" The farmer has to be an optimist or she wouldn't still be a farmer. "

 OMGoodness Homestead is a small, sustainable farm located in Comanche, Texas. Hi!  I'm Farmer Stephanie! I retired from the Air Force in 2015 after sustaining injuries, and moved to Texas with my two small children. After dealing with autoimmune issues, I decided to make a change. We started eating healthier foods, starting with eggs from our free range chickens, and pork raised here on the farm. We added lamb the next year and within a matter of time  started to see and feel the difference. Since then, we have been excited to share our story with others and feel honored to raise healthy, sustainable foods for our community.  We also make it a point to work with other local farmers to purchase fruits and veggies to use in our products:  we love supporting other small farmers who grow what we don't! 


Commercial Kitchen



Our barn's upper floor is also under renovations as we prepare to install a commercial kitchen. Once it is completed we will be able to offer meats by the cut, jarred food products, and other yummy desserts and prepared food not covered by cottage law.  We will also be able to SHIP PRODUCTS!

*OMGH adheres to Texas cottage laws to the letter:  I I have a Texas food handlers license and practice strict food sanitation. I do not sell things prohibited by cottage law, such as cheesecakes, tamales, etc.


Current Renovations and Projects

 We are currently renovating the upper floor of our barn into a commercial kitchen, allowing us to legally sell our own flavors of sausage and marinades, meals ready-to-go, ready-made syrups, and expand our bakery varieties. 

We have a VERY SPECIAL project coming up in November and we're working feverishly to complete it and make it a reality!


Why Choose OMGoodness Homestead?


When you support OMGH, you are supporting:

*a local farmer

*a disabled veteran

*a small business

*a single mother

*regenerative, sustainable, and natural farming practices

*humane treatment of livestock


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